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Magtel has very strong manufacturing facilities with well equipped machines & test instruments such as winding machines (CNC-programmable & manual), Electric Oven, Conveyer Oven, Varnish chamber, Air compressor, Power generator,  Automatic transformer tester using fixtures, Power source, Power analyzer, Load bank, DVDF etc.

Special Features of Magtel

  • Magtel has a winding / manufacturing facility ranging from 6mm toroid size to 120kVA transformer size (which includes ferrites and lamination version)!
  • Magtel designs & accepts custom built design transformers which are Aluminum wire/strip based!
  • Magtel has Toroid winding machine facilities and has successfully exported many chokes that are toroid based!
  • Magtel has vacuumed based Transformer / Choke potting facilities!
  • Magtel has CNC-Programmable multi spindle winding machines that can support winding of wires ranging from 0.05mm to 2mm!
  • Magtel has programmable automatic Transformer test instruments with fixtures & with program lock facility!
  • Magtel has an air conditioned inspection lab!
  • Magtel has varnish plant with conveyor oven facility!
  • Magtel has DVDF - Double voltage-Double Frequency generator set 10kVA, single phase & 3 phase!
  • Magtel has Electronic Load Bank facility for heavy duty Transformer!
  • Magtel has 3 phase, Oil cooled, 100A Dimmerstat for inspection of transformers!
  • Magtel facilitate the transformer designs to the customer as well as entertains custom built transformer design!
  • Magtel has a strong manufacturing facility for lamination and strips punched by progressive tooling!
  • Magtel has welding facility for aluminum wire/strips!
  • Magtel provides continuous training to all employees in their areas of expertise to ensure they are updated with the latest technologies!